About Tiffany...!

I Specialize in twisting locs and natural hair styling. Dread Styling/ Natural Styling/ Loc Extensions/etc.

My passion for doing hair I believe was manifested as a child from watching my aunt do hair as a professional hair dresser. As I looked on as she worked in her shop I wanted to be like her. I grew very interested in the art. I noticed how her clients were so pleased and appreciative of the service they received. This made me realize how a new "Doo" can bring confidence to a person and boost their self esteem. After noticing that magic, it was clear to me that I too wanted to bring that same kind of confidence and self esteem to other people's lives. Outside of being a Lotician, I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and migrated to the United States with my family in 2007. I hold a degree in Criminal Justice and my most prized accomplishment is my very active, smart and vibrant 2 year old who brings the world of love and enjoyment to my life. Feel free to check out my website for a list of services that I offer and hopefully you will make an appointment to come see me for some self love! Looking forward to seeing you in my chair soon!!!

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